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Phyco-Biotech Laboratories produce high-quality, natural food supplements. Our products are innovative because of their production processes. We exploit the potential of our Spirulina: in addition to having exceptional nutritional properties, our Spirulina is used as a vector of trace elements. Thanks to our expertise in micro-algae and in collaboration with the University of Montpellier, we have succeeded in metabolizing trace elements (silicon, iron, selenium…) according to an innovative enrichment process. We provide food supplements rich in bioavailable Silicon, bioavailable Iron, and bioavailable Selenium.

Food supplements Joints bioavailable silicon

Joints - Bioavailable Silicon

Silicon is an essential trace mineral in the structure of collagen and elastin found in skin, bones, cartilage, arteries, and veins. With age, the articular cartilage becomes thinner. It needs to be “recharged” in silicon. Thanks to our expertise in Spirulina culture and with the collaboration of the University of Sciences of Montpellier, we are able to metabolize Silicon using Spirulina. We propose a food supplement enriched in bioavailable Silicon.

Vitality - Bioavailable Iron

On a daily basis, iron is the key trace mineral for muscle oxygenation. When a mild iron deficiency develops, “unexplained” fatigue sets in, especially for women and athletes. In addition, the absorption of iron by our digestive system is limited. Phyco-Biotech produces highly bioavailable iron using Spirulina. To certify the effectiveness of this food supplement, we conducted an in vitro scientific study that highlights the fact that iron-rich Spirulina induces a strong increase in ferritin levels compared to beef, yeast, or wheat flour.

Iron-rich Vitality Food Supplements
Food supplements Antioxidant bioavailable selenium

Antioxidant - Bioavailable Selenium

Selenium is an essential trace element involved in various immune system functions as well as in the control of free radicals. Cold, stress, and pollution weaken our body and increase our vulnerability to bacteria and viral infections. In collaboration with the University of Sciences of Montpellier, we develop Spirulina enriched in bioavailable Selenium up to 80% (published scientific study). In its organic form, Selenium remains active in the body unlike its mineral form (Sodium selenite).

Vegetal Protein - Natural Spirulina

Our Spirulina is naturally rich in highly digestible protein (70% of its dry weight) and contains the 8 essential amino acids. This property helps stabilize muscle mass. In addition, it contains B12 vitamins that cover the daily intake, contributing to the normal functioning of metabolism and a reduction of fatigue.

Food supplements Plant protein Spirulina